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Commercial Real Estate Consulting

We bring all our services to bear in evaluating projects and properties for clients. We have designed processes and procedures for companies to follow related to management. We have advised companies on the viability of projects and looked at corporate goals and objectives and advised companies on how to work with their real estate to accomplish those goals.

Playhouse Square Real Estate Services is experienced in serving a wide range of public and private organizations. Many times, we are brought in to evaluate how to approach a certain real estate project. We provide the insight and the outline by identifying the steps and the resources required.

In the case of studying operating costs and procedures, our trained real estate professionals establish a customized, strategic facility plan that works in conjunction with your business goals and objectives. It all starts with a seven-step analysis process that examines how your facilities are currently being managed. We compare your operational results to other comparable facilities in the market. From there, any gaps that exist in operational and financial performance are identified through a comprehensive data review. This analysis lays the foundation to develop a real estate strategic plan that incorporates your business vision and objectives. The plan outlines optimizing occupancy levels, improving operations, reducing operating costs and ultimately disposing of non-strategic assets or restructuring them financially. Throughout the entire process, we work hard to minimize the interruption of your internal organization. You are free to focus on your core business while the Real Estate Services team produces optimum results for your real estate investment.