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Cleveland Area Construction Project Management

The success of a project lies in the details. We have years of experience managing complicated renovation projects and extensive tenant construction. Our team knows the steps, has a process to follow and brings countless relationships to any given construction project. We have the people in place who follow every step to ensure a project is delivered on time and on budget.

If you are considering expanding an existing building or starting a new construction project, as owners' representatives, the Playhouse Square Real Estate Services team can help get your construction project off the ground. With extensive experience in new construction and renovation projects, the Playhouse Square Real Estate Services team will keep your project operating on time and within your budget.

As current building owners and managers, we understand what steps need to be followed to achieve our clients’ construction objectives. We become their eyes and ears throughout the entire process. Managing a construction project is like conducting an orchestra; while the musicians contribute to the overall sound of the musical piece, it is the conductor's responsibility to direct the musicians on precisely when their music is to be played, to create a musical masterpiece. Everyone is part of the team. This is not so different from orchestrating a massive multi-million dollar construction project. As an owner's representative, Playhouse Square Real Estate Services leads clients through the construction process, directing the interviewing of qualified architects, engineers and general contractors. Once the team is assembled, we guide the client through budget preparation and design review, final print approval, the bidding process and selection of a qualified general contractor or construction manager before construction begins. All construction activities, change orders and invoicing are monitored to stay within budget. We also help you to maneuver through state and local regulatory codes with ease. The construction management team directs all of the construction trades, keeping your construction projects well managed and finely tuned.